Top Destinations in Ireland

If you are looking for a perfect destination for your memorable vacations then Ireland can be one of best options for you. It is a great country with some fascinating destinations that can win any heart. Although, there is much to explore, yet ten top destinations in Ireland are Cork, Donegal, Galway, Killarney, Kinsale, Dublin, Longford, Waterford, Wexford and Co. Wicklow. These are some well known and fascinating destinations in Ireland which cannot be ignored while exploring this wonderful country.

Ireland is famous for its self catering holiday cottages. This is a perfect way to spend your holidays in Ireland. The beaches, golf courses, natural greenery all around and fascinating landmarks are really amazing to watch in Ireland. Here are some wonderful and top destinations in Ireland that should not be ignored when you plan your trip to Ireland.

• Cork is one of the most fascinating cities of Ireland and attracts the tourists from all parts of the globe. It is the third largest city of Ireland and is blessed with numerous self cartering holiday accommodations that make the stay of every tourist a pleasurable one. There are various other accommodation places like B&B and holiday cottages. Blarney Castle and Cobh Heritage centre are few well famous attractions of Cork that should not be missed while exploring Cork.

• Donegal is a city of Ireland and is famous for its beaches. This place is a perfect holiday destination and can be visited during any time of the year. While planning your trip to Ireland make sure you go for watching rolling hills and rugged landscapes in Donegal which are much famous in that area.

• Galway is one of the top destinations in Ireland and is growing with great pace. There are some great places to see all around this superb destination. Galway is also famous for its local bars. Salthill and Connemara in Galway are some exciting places to visit. Salthill is famous for ocean jumpers while Connemara is having some marvelous landscapes and extraordinary beaches where you can spend your time and enjoy every second of your stay in Galway.

• Killarney is a beautiful city of Ireland. If you are looking for top destinations in Ireland then you definitely cannot miss Killarney. It is having all what you can expect from a beautiful travel destination. Natural scenery all around the place is just mind-blowing and the lakes are just superb and cannot be ignored. The best thing about this place is that every visitor is welcomed warm heartedly then whether it is a restaurant or a bar or a hotel.

• Kinsale is a small hillside town which has much to offer to its visitors. Lobster salad and a local beer are just amazing and are very much popular in this area.

• Dublin is a great place which is full of energy and excitement throughout the year. It is having apartments all around the city so as to make your stay comfortable in this amazing city.

• Longford is just famous for its sporting activities. If you love fishing or playing golf then Longford is a perfect place for you.