Top Destinations of New South Wales

If you are looking to make your way to New South Wales then it is important to know about the different regions and what they have to offer beforehand. This will help you to plan a better itinerary and consequently contribute to a much more pleasurable New South Wales travel experience.

The Blue Mountains is perhaps on the top of the list for tourists making their way to NSW. This is the ideal escape destination which serves as an excellent break from everyday hustle and bustle. If serenity and peace of mind is what you want then take a day trip to the Blue Mountains or perhaps even stay there for a couple of days in one of the many excellent hotels situated up there.

In recent years Byron Bay has acquired the status of being a must visit place of NSW. Again, this is one of those places where you can relax and unwind while getting the opportunity to engage in some water sporting activities as well.

Perhaps the most beautiful coastline landscapes lie in the Central Coast. Add to that the picturesque towns and quality accommodation and you will know why this place has become a tourist magnet. Visitors to this region will also have the opportunity to witness the Hinterland and its agricultural activities.

Central NSW is also a very beautiful region and the prime location for the agricultural activities of Australia. If you plan on taking a driving trip through New South Wales then make sure you cruise through this region.

For a totally different flavor of NSW make your way to the Coffs Harbor. Here you will have the beautiful warm turquoise waters of the South Pacific at your feet. Along with this you will have the opportunity to take a swim, dive or even surf on the water. Sailing and fishing opportunities are also available on the Coffs Harbor. The region is also home to a dense rainforest territory providing ecotourism opportunities to travelers.

A trip to NSW cannot be complete without visiting the picturesque Hunter Valley. Along with having some of the finest accommodation choices in the region you will have the opportunity to visit the Wollemi National Park and the Goulburn River. The Barrington Tops National Park is another major attraction of Hunter Valley.

Amongst the smaller areas that have started attracting the attention of tourists are Jindabyne, Lord Howe Island, Perisher, Selwyna and Smiggins. These are counted amongst the colder regions of New South Wales and serve as excellent snow destinations.

Last but not Least the wonderful city of Sydney with its world renowned Sydney Harbor, a dramatic cityscape and top notch accommodation is also counted amongst the top destinations of New South Wales.